I currently teach lessons on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at the Drum Center of Lexington:

132 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 276-1827

Lessons are $90 a month for weekly 30-minute lessons in the store. I am not currently accepting students outside of the store. The Drum Center's lesson policies can be found in full below.

Drum Center of Lexington Lesson Policies

Effective January 1, 2016


Lessons cost $90 per month, regardless of the number of lessons that month. This figure is based on 48 lessons annually at $22.50 per 30 minute lesson. Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month for the upcoming month. (Lesson tuition is a primary source of income for our teachers, so your prompt payment is greatly appreciated.) You may pay by either cash or check. If a student begins lessons in the middle of a month, the first month’s tuition will be prorated appropriately. If a student discontinues lessons in the middle of a month, no refund will be given for unused lessons.

The rate for lessons outside of the monthly tuition plan is $25 per 30 minutes.

Student Absences

Students who need to miss a lesson should notify their teacher as soon as possible. (Please contact your individual instructor and not The Drum Center.) In certain cases, it may be possible to make up the missed lesson at the teacher’s discretion. Students should be aware, however, that due to scheduling constraints, make-up lessons are not always feasible and full tuition is still due. Students who fail to notify their teacher of an absence at least 24 hours in advance will not have the opportunity to schedule a make-up lesson.

In order to prevent the spread of sickness, students who miss school due to illness should cancel their drum lesson for that day.

Teacher Absences

Teachers will be gone four weeks per year. These absences are already figured into the tuition price and will be scheduled at the teacher’s discretion. Students will be notified of these absences at least one week in advance.  

Should a teacher need to miss a lesson outside of these four weeks, the teacher may either offer a make-up lesson or credit the student’s account.

Drum Center Closings

In certain rare instances, The Drum Center of Lexington may need to close for emergencies, national holidays, or inclement weather. If the Drum Center is closed, lessons scheduled for that day will be canceled without the opportunity for make-up lessons or account credit.

Required Materials

In order for lessons to be successful, students should plan on purchasing or obtaining the following materials within the first month of lessons:

·         Drumsticks

·         A Practice Surface (practice pad, drum, bell kit or drum set)

·         Blank Manuscript Book

·         Metronome

Teachers may also require additional books and materials based on a student’s needs and abilities. (Most drum set instruction books run between $10-$25, and most students will need 1-2 additional books per year. Please let your instructor know if this will create a hardship for you, so they can plan accordingly.)  

Students need to bring their books and their sticks to each lesson.


In order to make noticeable progress, students should practice at least 75 minutes a week (15 minutes a day for 5 days). More practice time is obviously encouraged and will yield greater results.

Friendly Reminders

Instructors at the Drum Center of Lexington are independent contractors who rent lesson space from the store. As such, please address all correspondence and concerns to your individual teacher.

Though drum lessons are academic in nature, the lesson calendar is not connected with any particular school district’s calendar. Please do not assume you do not have a lesson simply because you do not have school that day. (This also applies to school closings due to weather. If you have any question about lesson scheduling/availability, please contact your individual teacher.)


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